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Is There Something Really Wrong With Me!

Every woman should take a glance at this video. I found it to be a true part of who we are. These ladies touch base on some real surface issues that may have you say "Is there something really wrong with me" or "Am I just like everyone else who is trying to be comfortable with who I am". Great Job Ladies!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Do you Fish For Compliments

How many times have you sat there at dinner waiting for your date to notice how intelligent, well rounded, and articulate you really are? How many hours have you waited for those compliments that have just never come? The truth is that if you are spending your time dating waiting for some man you have met to give you validation in order to feel good about yourself then chances are that you really are not ready to date. If really want to meet someone exciting and have a true meeting of the minds and souls then you need to have something to bring to the table. Your self worth should not have to be defined by other people’s opinion of you; it should be defined by you and you only. If you want someone to notice you and take you seriously then you need to start taking yourself seriously and become the kind of person that you would want to get to know. Someone who speaks their mind takes control of their own destiny and is up for trying new things. You should have one rule and that rule should be that if you aren’t brave enough to do something on your own, then you shouldn’t be sharing it with someone else. Whether it is something like going out to dinner or a movie on your own or something more bold like asking that interesting man you keep running into at the art gallery out on date. Taking control, instead of sitting back and waiting and hoping, will lead to a more fulfilling life. Sure, putting yourself out there can be intimidating and even frightening but, it will also help you to grow as a person and will make you far more interesting to others than if you simply let life pass you by. Of course, it won’t be easy, but if you start small and build up to bigger things, before you know it you can be the kind of person who doesn’t have to rely on others for their self worth, because you will begin to recognize your own. There are a variety of things you can do to begin becoming the type of person you know you can be, all you have to do is begin. For example, if you tend to keep your opinions to yourself when they contradict what others may be thinking why not join a book club where everyone is encouraged to express their own opinions. Once you begin to feel the power of stating your own opinions, you will find it easier to state your opinions and be able to back them up. Before you know it you’ll be having dinner with some really great guy and the conversation will be stimulating because you both feel free to state your opinions. You’ll find that you will enjoy the date more because you feel free to be yourself and chances are he will be impressed with your intelligence and wit. And who knows, you just may be finding yourself getting those compliments you use to pray for and realize that while those compliments are nice they really aren’t necessary because you know your own self worth and know that you have a lot to offer without someone else telling you. Thanks yourtango.com

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Can going downtown go completely wrong?

Have you ever experienced this in the bedroom? A bad downtown job that turned you off completely ? How did you handle it? Most woman won't say anything but they will slowly loose contact with you if this is part of their preference sexually. Why are we so afraid to be straight forward when it come to sex or what we like and want from a partner? There are so many ways to get your point across and still get what you need in the bedroom. Always remember communication is the main key to a great sex life. So don't be afraid to speak out and enjoy your sexuality to its fullest! Bedroom Kisses

Friday, August 5, 2011

Break Ups

How many times have we heard you will get over it, or one way to get over a person is to get into another? It seems so simple but truth be told no matter who you are it's just not that easy. Break-ups sometimes can end on a bad note or you and that person can still remain friends. Does time really heal all wounds?

Friday, July 1, 2011

Why is it so hard to get a good man???

A lot of women are asking each other this question more and more now a days. Why is it really so hard to get a good man? The question really should be; is it harder for women to understand the needs of a man today. There was a time when a man only wanted a cooked meal and some really good sexual healing every now and then but in a relationship in 2011, men require so much more and so do women. Men want the same things women require attention, trust, honesty and loyalty and of course great sex. Sex for a man today can come from anywhere if he plays his cards right..lol. Some of these standard seem to be not a lot to ask for but a lot of people cant seem to live up to it. Don't get me wrong you do have a few rotten apples in the bunch, and it may require going through the barrel to get to them but they are out there. What I'm trying to say is when you are truly ready for a good man or woman just keep in the back of your mind that they want the same things you want so be 100 % ready. Bedroom Kisses!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Beginnings

Hey Ladies and Gents.... Isnt it time for a new beginning, that new lease on life that we all have been waiting for. Who knows, it may require what we some times tend to call out with the old and in with the new. What ever it is there is no better time to start than today. Do you know where to begin or even what it is that you may be looking for? Most people say all they want is happiness.... you can definitely have that but you cant receive it from someone else, it must start with you. How about planning something you have always wanted to do...take a trip, get to know your body sexually or just laying back in your apartment in your birthday suit and reading a good book that would make your toes curl..lol. That may be happiness for that moment, but long time happiness is a life time of experiences and journeys that we always seem to put on the back burner. Get up! Get started! Search for who you are. What are some of the things that can make you feel whole as a person who is becoming comfortable in their own skin....I don't know about you but for me that's happiness in a nut shell! Love you and others will love you too! Until next time Live your Life! Bedroom Kisses

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Are there still rules about having sex too soon after meeting someone?

Most women would say yes and 90% of women would say no. That percentage is growing constantly. Women are lowering their standards. What happen to making a man prove to you that he is a man, emotionally, financially and physically. Women are not letting men be men. Didn't we all hear our mothers say "Wait until you get married before you give up the goodies" even though that is a little extreme, but there is some validity to it all. Our parents were trying to give us a heads up about what to expect with the way of the world with our men. Ladies please don't lower your standards. All we have is our respect and that means a lot.Let our men show and prove who they are capable of being, it is all worth the wait! Take time and get to know them for who they are!!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Are You Not Sexually Satisfied In Your Relationship?

Communication is the number one key to a sexually satisfying relationship. Sexually some of our appetites are a lot rambunctious than others. In a relationship you have to communicate and let your spouse or the person your dating know what you want and what your thinking when It comes to having great sex and being satisfied. You must offer new ideas and different adventures to always have a compelling and healthy sexual relationship amongst one another. Sex topics may not be that easy to discuss, but there are always ways to get around fully expressing yourself in any sexual situation.You have to find the times when you are most comfortable with your spouse to be able to go into details.Pillow talk is one way for a person to start and this will allow the other person to be more comfortable and less defensive. Learn how to be as honest as possible, but not too outspoken. Believe it or not but ladies guys want to know. You can always purchase new and exciting toys to incorporate into your sexual routine. You may be very surprised at the outcome. Ladies and Gentleman, if your partner is not sexually satisfied, what do you think the outcome of that will be? Being in a relationship with someone else is like a full time job. Despite the children and your daily life within itself, so take care of your relationship and it will take care of you, because if you don't someone else will. Put that spark back into your love life it's never too late. Appreciate what you have and cherish it, until next time.....Explore Your Sexuality Take a look at some great sex tips and positions. http://www.menshealth.com/sexpositionmaster/

Sunday, May 15, 2011

G-Spot for a Man

We tend to think that G-Spot sometimes only relates to a women. But studies have found that not to be true. Our men also carry such a great place that could lead you to one of the best orgasms you could ever hope for.Unfortunately some of you may be surprised to learn that the prostate is, essentially, the male equivalent of a woman’s G-spot -- and yours is far, far easier to find. There are methods that a man can take to become comfortable with finding this spot and really getting to know your body as a whole. Men, this does not at all consider you to be anything other that what you are, a man, but it will help you become comfortable with any woman that you deal with sexually in your lifetime. Don't be ashamed of stimulating the male G-spot; the results can be explosive.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tips On Choosing the Perfect Vibrator

Are you not sure which vibrator will accommodate your needs, or how to use one? Here are some great tips to help you get started. Purchasing your first vibrator can be overwhelming and intimidating. Knowing what you like and what turns you on is the first most important step to choosing a vibrator that's just right for your needs. How strong do you want your vibrator to be? Most vibrators have variable speed controls so beginners usually start off with less power. What do you want to use it for? Clitoral Stimulation, Vaginal Stimulation Blended-(clitoral and vaginal) Anal Stimulation Vibrators are designed to help you become comfortable with her sexuality and understand what stimulates you physically. Vibrators come in all shapes and sizes, attachments are available to add more pleasure if desired.Vibrators have been proven to enhance arousal with high quality, longer foreplay and also works to provide clitoral stimulation for women during sex. How much do you want to spend? As a beginner most women start out with the least expensive vibrator to test them out. Vibrators can range between $20-$150 depending on your preference and needs. How big do you want it? Vibrators are now so advanced and simply easy to carry on the go, or in the bed side drawer. Girth and intensity are main factors. If your not sure about girth, choose a smaller sized vibrator than larger. How to use the Perfect Vibrator Clitoral stimulation is a main factor for most women. Choose the perfect vibrator, depending on your needs and desires. Tips on preparation for a beginner. First- You may want to make sure your chosen area is relaxing, soothing and most of all comfortable for you. Play music or take a bath to place your mind and body at ease. Take your time -Familiarize yourself with your new toy, turn it on, play with the dual speed variations. Let your new vibrating pleasure, touch arousal parts of your body, thighs, breast, nipples etc. Relax and enjoy the pleasures of being able to satisfy your sexual desires. When your vibrator is pressed against your arousal spots you will feel like you are on your way to heaven. Stimulation begins - Most vibrators give the ultimate buzz when placed against your clitoral area. Try holding your vibrator against this area slowly, you will begin to feel stimulated. If the vibration is to intense don't forget to adjust the speed that is pleasurable for you and the rest is history.

Monday, April 13, 2009

At what age do you feel is appropriate to talk to your daughters about sex?

Studies have proven that at the age of 10yrs old, talking to your daughters about sex will help prevent teen pregnancy,sexual transmitted diseases and misleading information about sexual encounters. Young girls in middle schools are receiving information from friends that can be detrimental to their well being and their future as an adult. Parents should become more educated about sexual encounters and pass this education on to their teen age daughters. More parents should educate their teenage daughters about understanding their sexual anatomy and the feelings they may encounter when they are touched in a certain way. This will allow them to understand what arousal will feel like and how it can be stimulating. Children in schools are more advanced than we could ever imagine when it involves sexual activities, but in the wrong manner. Parents have to step in and guide them in the right direction. This can become uncomfortable, but parents have to take a stand. In schools today children are sexting (sending explicit pictures of themselves on cellular phones) to one another. As quoted on the Oprah show April 9th 2009, there is 78% of mothers that think their daughters feel comfortable talking to them about sex, but only 39% of teenage girls said they actually do. Do you feel it is ok for teenage daughters to ask their parents questions about their bodies or sexual stimulation? More parents should give their daughters core information, it may be very uncomfortable, but there are ways to get through it. More parents should inform teenage girls to feel good about their bodies and feel empowered about who they are. Secrecy can be more damaging than telling them the truth. Teenage girls want to know the emotional side, they want to know how will I know whether he is using me? Does he really like me or is he just interested in sex? Most parents automatically say just don't do it or no sex until you get married. Teenage girls have hormones that can sometimes become confusing and overwhelming and can sometimes lead them to make bad decisions. More parents should step in and be open minded about the possibilities, guide teenage girls in the right direction with informative information that can prepare them for these feelings and allow them to make mindful decisions. Download Dr. Laura Berman's Talking to Kids About Sex Handbook - Oprah.com